Kaladarshan is the Annual Photography and Fine Arts Exhibition of IIT Bombay. Being conducted since 2010, Kaladarshan (or "KD" as we love to call it) has evolved into a platform for the entire IITB artist community to showcase their talent. But along with an exhibition of beautiful artworks and photographs, Kaladarshan takes you on a 3-month long journey full of many enthralling and exciting events! Read on to find more about it!

DP Campaign

DP Campaign is one of the most fun events of Kaladarshan! Every year during KD, different theme-based photo booths are set up outside the lecture halls where students come and get their pictures clicked! Last year's theme was "A Trip Down the Memory Lane", and we tried to remake the scene of our school classrooms!

Stop-Motion Videos

Every year during Kaladarshan, we make videos for releasing the title theme of the year's exhibition. Everything for these videos is made from scratch, and a lot of ideation and preparation goes into making the videos as eye-catching as possible. Take a look at the videos we made for KD'20 on the theme "A trip down the memory lane"! 

Road Painting

Road painting is certainly the most thrilling event of Kaladarshan. As evident from the name, the institute residents including faculty, staff, and students, gather and paint their desired cartoons, designs or sketches on the road all night long! Here are some pictures from last year's Road Painting!

KD Installations

Throughout Kaladarshan, we get together to build colossal and beautiful installations. These installations are made around the theme for that year. Have a look at the installations made during Kaladarshan 2020 on the theme "A trip down the memory lane" to take us back to our school days!

Making of Kaladarshan

Along with turning our ideas into reality, we also make a lot of memories and have a lot of fun during Kaladarshan! Going for treats, having night outs and playing games give us some of the most cherished memories and lovely friends. Here are some pictures from last year's making!

The Exhibition

The heart of Kaladarshan, the exhibition is the most spectacular part of this whole journey. It is held in the convocation hall for two days and showcases 600+ artworks and photographs from our institute's residents. Here are some glimpses from the Exhibition of 2019!