Virtual Photoshoot

Photoshoots in the time of social distancing are virtual i.e. “Virtual Photoshoots”. This is fashion photography’s answer to the pandemic. It’s planned, styled and executed entirely on video-calling apps – with the model and the photographer in lockdown but having a million conversations about lights, background, costume, hairstyle and more!​ Check out glimpses from the sessions we conducted below!

Light Painting 

Light painting is a photographic technique where light is “painted” or “drawn” into the photograph using a handheld light source during a long exposure, and you can get some very interesting results! We conduct regular Light Painting Sessions! Check out a glimpse of them below!

Studio Photography

Studio photography is photography done in a studio in a controlled environment, which means that you have total control over all the elements that go into making a photograph! Check out some photographs from our sessions we conducted in our photography studio!

Toy Photography

The challenge of Toy Photography is to make the toy “lifelike”; to remove that “plastic-feel” to it and to make it more human. You are limited only by your imagination! Bringing life into lifeless toys is an art of its own and allows you to experiment in many different ways. Check out some photographs from our session!

Playing with Shutter!

Shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, or when a camera's shutter is open while taking a photograph. DSLRs offer a wide range of shutter speed ranging from 1/8000th of a second to over 30 seconds! Check out some shots from our session where we decided to play with shutter speed.

Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger, or smaller than it actually is. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

Check some glimpses from our session below!